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most gorgeous expedition

I, Shridhar Purandare, am back with most gorgeous expedition I have done in my life, Leh Ladakh biking was expedition since hardly few courageous guys dare to do this on bike. These who want to escape the scorching heat it is summer time those who like refreshing greenery, flowers and trekking it is monsoon and for snow and skiing lovers it is winter. If you are the kind of couple who likes to preserve it adventurous, what can be much better than a bike ride to Jalori Pass, one particular of India’s dangerous roads

My name is Ganesh Parab and I am a writer, techie and guitarist based out of Mumbai, India. One of the ideal outdoor adventure activities in India is trekking that draws the interest of adventure sports enthusiasts worldwide. Ale jeśli chcecie poczuć na własnej skórze prawdziwy klimat Indii – wieczór to idealna pora by … Read More

Are New Cars More Breakable

The majority of us appreciate our automobiles. There is not any doubt that the automobile is a magnificent conception that has shaped the current era and continues to develop as a market. Even when we take a look at the evolution of technology and the entire industry’s progress in total, we will see that automobiles are a big part of it.

Can someone actually just picture a world where we don’t use automobiles at all? It can be easy to overlook the fact that presently you can virtually get everywhere you want and you decide how (with some bounds, admittedly, but come on).

But although automobiles have provided us with freedom, we are somewhat enthralled by them. We are forced to care for their servicing and in some parts of the world you even must have a car in order to secure an appropriate job position. And this applies even … Read More

These Cars Come Packed with Features that Comat Distracted Driving

Many of the road accidents we see today result from distraction while driving. This is mostly attributed to the advanced technology we have in this day and age, one example being when drivers use their Smartphones while on the wheels. Leading automotive companies have now decided to improve their cars by adding features aimed at mitigating the accidents. This article will look at three cars with such features:

  1. BMW’s 7 Series’ gesture control user interface.

This is one of the best ever thought accident-prevention solutions. Gesture recognition will allow drivers to control the infotainment system with very simple hand movements. The driver can make gesture controls to the navigation screen while they are making a call or even when they are receiving an incoming call. The car itself will take charge automatically and drive safely to the driver’s desired destination. This in hand will help in reducing the high … Read More