These Cars Come Packed with Features that Comat Distracted Driving

Many of the road accidents we see today result from distraction while driving. This is mostly attributed to the advanced technology we have in this day and age, one example being when drivers use their Smartphones while on the wheels. Leading automotive companies have now decided to improve their cars by adding features aimed at mitigating the accidents. This article will look at three cars with such features:

  1. BMW’s 7 Series’ gesture control user interface.

This is one of the best ever thought accident-prevention solutions. Gesture recognition will allow drivers to control the infotainment system with very simple hand movements. The driver can make gesture controls to the navigation screen while they are making a call or even when they are receiving an incoming call. The car itself will take charge automatically and drive safely to the driver’s desired destination. This in hand will help in reducing the high number of accidents in our roads. This also will help break the monotony of drivers getting destructed while driving since control is well within their reach, hence their focus is not compromised.

  1. 2017 Cadillac CT6 features Eye-Tracking Technology to Keep Drivers Alert.

Cadillac’s Super Cruise system in the new CT6 will use audible and visual alerts if it detects that you are not paying attention. If you decide to ignore the alerts, an OnStar information system rep. will speak to you via intercom. And If you still fail to respond the car will pull to the side of the road and stop.

Super Cruise only works on highways that have fully detailed map data — for the car to pull over on its own it has to know where it will go. Super Cruise will also check that your hands are on the wheels, which is the most common method used by carmakers to track alertness.

This will enable mitigate the road accidents experienced in our busy roads. The eye technology if it’s to be approved by the law, can help curb accidents which result from destructions caused by use of Smartphones.

  1. Ford Fiesta, the social media networked car.

Ford have decided to interconnect this car with the driver’s phone. This is possible because the automobile is connected to the Internet. The car dashboard is built in such a way that drivers can connect easily with some mobile apps. Some of these apps are phone Bluetooth, what’s app, Facebook and the text app. This will help keep the user from having to regularly check updates on their phones. This to some point helps to reduce accidents while driving.

This idea has also being noted by various automotive production giants such as Nissan who want to improve on their automotive’ technology. The feature is still undergoing testing to see if it would really be of help. But this idea is under criticism since some see it as more destructive than beneficial. So far the tests have given positive results and if accepted by law they will be implemented. Social networked cars will hopefully help mitigate the many accidents experienced in our ever busy roads.


Be it in the BMW’s 7, 2017 Cadillac CT6 or Ford Fiesta, the move to integrate technology to cars with the aim of salvaging the lives lost in our roads is in the right path, and hopefully we can see more of this trend in the future.