S Somanath Sets ISRO’s Moon Landing Goal for 2040

ISRO aims for moon landing by 2040; Chairman S Somanath outlines plans for space exploration.

In a recent address at the National Space Science Symposium in Goa, S Somanath, the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), articulated an ambitious vision for India’s space exploration endeavors. This included plans for a manned mission to the moon by 2040. Roadmap for Lunar Exploration S Somanath emphasized the necessity of creating … Read more

ESA Announces NanoMagSat and Tango Scout Satellites

ESA's NanoMagSat and Tango Scout satellites promise revolutionary insights into Earth's dynamics and environmental impact.

In a groundbreaking development for Earth observation, the European Space Agency (ESA) has unveiled two pioneering Scout satellite missions. These missions, named NanoMagSat and Tango, represent a significant leap forward in ESA’s efforts to monitor and understand our planet. NanoMagSat and Tango are poised to revolutionize our understanding of Earth’s dynamics and its interaction with … Read more

Solar Power from Space: SSPD’s Milestone in Energy Generation

The interior of MAPLE, the instrument aboard the Space Solar Power Demonstrator, which successfully transmitted energy wirelessly through space.

In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, humanity has turned its gaze toward the cosmos. The realization of space-based solar power, once confined to the realms of science fiction, has taken a significant stride towards actualization with the inauguration of the Space Solar Power Demonstrator (SSPD).  Historic Achievement: The Inaugural Zap of Solar Energy For … Read more

Primate-specific Proteins Illuminate Cancer Immunity

Primate proteins evade immune surveillance in cancer cells, revealing new treatment possibilities

In the ongoing quest to decipher the intricate mechanisms of cancer progression and immune evasion, a groundbreaking study led by EPFL scientists has emerged. This study sheds light on a previously overlooked aspect: the role of primate-specific KRAB zinc finger proteins (KZFPs). These proteins, typically associated with genomic stability, play a pivotal role in shielding … Read more

Fertilization Unveiled: Breakthroughs from a Mouse Model

Groundbreaking Mouse Model uncovers the mysteries of Fertilization

Researchers at Cornell University’s Baker Institute for Animal Health have accomplished a groundbreaking feat – they’ve developed a genetically engineered mouse model. This model is designed to uncover intricate aspects of sperm function, providing a closer look at the mechanisms crucial to reproduction. Additionally, the model holds the potential to unravel the complexities associated with … Read more

ISS Captures Earth’s Glowing Aura from 258 Miles Above

Enchanting view of Earth's luminous atmosphere captured by the ISS, featuring the Nauka and Prichal modules against a backdrop of stars.

In a breathtaking display of Earth’s beauty, the International Space Station (ISS) recently shared a captivating image on Instagram, providing an unprecedented view of our planet’s luminous atmosphere set against a backdrop of stars. This mesmerizing photograph was taken from an altitude of 258 miles above the Pacific Ocean, showcasing an extraordinary scene that has … Read more

GITAI’s S2: Advancing ISS Operations with SpaceX Falcon 9

The GITAI S2 robotic arms will be mounted outside ISS

In a pioneering move in space robotics, GITAI USA Inc. is on the brink of a technological breakthrough with the imminent launch of its autonomous dual robotic arm system, the S2. Scheduled to launch to ISS on January 29 via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket (NG-20), the S2 has successfully navigated NASA’s stringent safety reviews, signifying … Read more

Abyssal Dark Black Eggs Unveil Deepest Free-Living Flatworms

Deep Black Eggs in the Pacific Ocean reveals deepest free-living flatworms

A groundbreaking study, published in Biology Letters, has unveiled evidence of the deepest free-living flatworms ever documented. The study was conducted by marine scientists from Hokkaido University in Japan. These researchers have made a significant contribution to our understanding by revealing the existence of these remarkable deep-sea flatworms. Led by Keiichi Kakui and Aoi Tsuyuki, … Read more

Study Shows the Impact of Genetic Variation on Gene Expression

Mouse Study shows how genetic variation affects gene expression

The University of Eastern Finland recently conducted a study. The study unveils insights into the intricate relationship between genetic variation, chromatin accessibility, and transcription factor binding. This research explores how these elements interact. It focuses on understanding the regulatory mechanisms influencing gene expression. The findings contribute to a deeper understanding of the complex interplay among … Read more

ETH Zurich: Harnessing Sunlight for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Researchers use sunlight to capture carbon

In a bid to address the urgent need for efficient carbon capture, researchers have unveiled a groundbreaking technique utilizing light and light-triggered molecules. This method not only promises a more sustainable approach but could significantly reduce the energy-intensive nature of current technologies. Current Landscape of Carbon Capture Amid growing global concerns about climate change, the … Read more