Shaheen Afridi on Pace and Local Talent in PSL

Shaheen Afridi, the prominent Pakistani cricketer, has recently addressed concerns regarding his pace. He emphasized the importance of valuing local talent in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Amidst discussions about his performance and the league’s dynamics, Afridi has articulated his stance on maintaining form. He also highlighted the need to recognize the contributions of domestic players.

Shaheen Afridi’s Response to Pace Criticism

Addressing speculations about his pace, Shaheen Afridi rebuffed claims suggesting a dip in his bowling speed during Pakistan’s Test tour of Australia. Despite observations indicating lower speeds on the speedometer, Afridi maintains confidence in his abilities, affirming his capability to consistently deliver deliveries at 140-145 kph. He elucidates that while T20 cricket demands a diverse range of deliveries, including slower balls and variations, the express pace remains integral, albeit not as the average delivery in the format. Afridi underscores the strategic use of pace, asserting his fitness and youthfulness at the age of 23.

PSL Challenges and Local Talent Appreciation

Amidst Lahore Qalandars’ sluggish start in the ongoing PSL season, Afridi reflects on the challenges faced by the league. He particularly notes the issue of overseas players withdrawing due to prior commitments in other T20 competitions. These withdrawals have posed significant challenges for team compositions and strategies. The absence of key international players has disrupted the balance of various teams. As a result, it has impacted the competitiveness of the league in its current season. Nevertheless, he emphasizes the significance of valuing local talent and advocating for greater recognition of domestic players’ contributions. Afridi contends that Pakistani players enjoy substantial acclaim when participating in overseas leagues, indicating the caliber and value they possess. He calls for a shift in perspective. Afridi urges stakeholders to appreciate and respect local players. He believes this appreciation will enhance the league’s prominence. Additionally, he thinks it will sustain its growth trajectory.

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