Sourav Ganguly Questions BCCI on U19 World Cup Hosting

India, a powerhouse in cricket, has never hosted the Men’s Under-19 World Cup, despite its illustrious history in the tournament. Sourav Ganguly, former BCCI president and cricketing legend, sheds light on this anomaly, hinting at potential shifts in the tournament’s hosting landscape.

India’s Absence as Host

Despite clinching the title five times, the Men’s Under-19 World Cup has eluded India’s shores since its inception in 1988. Ganguly highlights this peculiarity, attributing it to the aim of diversifying cricket’s global footprint.

Tournament’s Global Journey

The tournament, previously known as the Youth Cricket World Cup, has traversed the globe, with various nations playing host. South Africa and New Zealand have each hosted the event thrice, while others like Australia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh have also had the honor.

Sourav Ganguly’s Perspective

Speaking to RevSportz, Sourav Ganguly elucidates on the rationale behind India’s absence as a host. He emphasizes the tournament’s role in promoting cricket in countries less frequented by major cricketing events.

Prospects for India’s Hosting

While acknowledging the tournament’s potential as a non-profit venture, Ganguly hints at a possible change in India’s hosting status. He forecasts the event to find its way to Indian shores in the future.

Crucial Final Showdown

Ganguly’s insights come on the eve of a crucial final between India and Australia in Benoni. Both teams are vying for glory, with India aiming for an unprecedented sixth title and Australia seeking their fourth.

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