ABP Technology and SIPTRUNK Forge Strategic Partnership

ABP Technology and SIPTRUNK, a BCM One subsidiary, announced a strategic partnership to enhance SIP trunking practices. The collaboration seeks to leverage each company’s strengths and dealer networks, creating new avenues for business communication modernization.

Expanding Sales Channels Through Cross-Marketing

SIPTRUNK, a prominent services platform, actively caters to companies aiming to establish robust SIP trunking practices. This platform has now forged a strategic alliance with ABP Technology, a leading value-added specialty distributor specializing in IP technology solutions. This collaboration reflects a proactive effort by both entities to enhance SIP trunking services and provide innovative solutions to businesses seeking advanced communication infrastructure. This strategic partnership facilitates cross-marketing initiatives between the two entities, opening up new sales channels and opportunities for their respective dealer networks.

Mutual Promotion for Enhanced Reseller Reach

Ben Macalindong, Director of SIP Sales at SIPTRUNK, expressed confidence in the partnership, stating, “ABP Technology has been a successful SIPTRUNK reseller for years with an impressive dealer base that we believe will be interested in reselling SIP services through our streamlined and flexible platform.” The collaboration empowers ABP Technology to champion SIPTRUNK to its resellers while SIPTRUNK reciprocates by promoting ABP services to its dealers, offering them access to world-class IP technology solutions and support.

Strategic Focus on Revenue Generation for Dealers

Rod McCree, Director of IP Communications at ABP Technology, outlined their strategic focus for 2024, emphasizing SIP trunking as a key revenue generator for their dealers. McCree highlighted SIPTRUNK’s position as the industry’s easiest reseller platform, backed by their own positive experiences. ABP Technology, serving as a Gold 3CX license distributor, actively invested significantly in security, surveillance, and Wi-Fi infrastructure. This strategic investment positions ABP Technology at the forefront of technological advancements. As a result, SIPTRUNK resellers actively gain access to innovative solutions that aim to foster their business growth. ABP Technology’s commitment to cutting-edge infrastructure underscores its dedication to equipping SIPTRUNK resellers with the tools and resources essential for thriving in a competitive market.

Facilitating Connections for Business Expansion

The partnership actively facilitates connections between ABP Technology’s dealers and SIPTRUNK. It enables both parties to offer unique solutions for businesses looking to scale their service offerings. This collaborative effort actively aims to enhance accessibility. It strives to provide a broader range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The goal is to ensure that businesses have increased access to a variety of services. This approach actively seeks to address and accommodate the unique requirements of a wide range of businesses in the market. This collaborative effort actively aims to assist dealers in expanding their customer bases. It actively seeks to empower dealers to stay competitive in the dynamic landscape of business communication. The goal is to ensure the profitability of dealers as they navigate the evolving market. This collaborative initiative actively supports dealers in adapting to the changing business communication landscape.

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