Xavi Hernández to Depart Barcelona Coaching Role on June 30

Xavi Hernández, Barcelona’s head coach, has made a surprising announcement. He has declared his decision to step down from his coaching role at the conclusion of the ongoing season. The revered former captain, celebrated for his midfield brilliance, expressed a sense of “liberation.” He shed light on the demanding and challenging nature of the position, terming it as “cruel and unpleasant.”

Xavi’s Exit – Rooted in ‘Common Sense

Xavi Hernández has taken the footballing world by surprise with his decision to part ways with Barcelona, emphasizing that the move is grounded in “common sense.” Despite having a contract extending into the following summer, the football maestro stressed the necessity for a “change of direction” within the club.

Driving Forces Behind Xavi’s Departure

Xavi opened up about the toll that coaching had exacted on his mental and emotional well-being. He cited a perceived lack of respect and acknowledgment for his efforts. He revealed how the persistent strain had adversely affected his mood and overall energy levels. The decision, he asserted, was not just for personal relief but also for the holistic health of the club.

Crisis of Results and Performance

The announcement comes on the heels of a series of disappointing outcomes for Barcelona. This includes a 5-3 home defeat against Villarreal and a premature exit from the Copa del Rey with a 4-2 loss to Athletic Bilbao. Xavi expressed concern about the team playing under excessive tension and believes his departure will facilitate the team’s liberation.

Xavi’s Timeline – Decision Formed Days Ago

Xavi clarified that he had made the decision a few days earlier. The public revelation, however, coincided with the recent defeat against Villarreal. He confirmed engaging in a “human” conversation with the club’s president, Joan Laporta, who was apprised of the decision following the defeat.

Xavi’s Legacy and Unattainable Longevity

Having assumed the role from Ronald Koeman in November 2021, Xavi steered Barcelona to a league title in his maiden full season. Despite this success, he conceded that he is unable to sustain prolonged managerial success at Barcelona. He dismissed comparisons to iconic figures like Alex Ferguson.

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