FlixBus Launches in India: Ambassador Ackermann Applauds

In a major revelation, FlixBus, a global travel technology leader operating in 42 countries, has officially launched its services in India. Acknowledging India as the world’s second-largest bus market, the company aims to redefine intercity passenger transportation by offering convenient and competitively priced travel options with top-tier safety standards.

Extensive Network Across Key Indian States

FlixBus will seamlessly connect major cities and routes in New Delhi, Himachal, J&K, Punjab, Rajasthan, and UP. The comprehensive network will encompass 59 stops and over 200 connections, catering to the travel needs of countless Indians.

Inaugural Routes at Exclusive Launch Price

As of February 1st, FlixBus India tickets are now available. Inaugural routes are scheduled to commence from February 6th. The special launch price for these routes is just INR 99. These routes will link Delhi with prominent destinations like Ayodhya, Chandigarh, Jaipur, and more.

Strategic Collaborations and Technological Empowerment

Collaborating with local bus operators, FlixBus aims to enhance partners’ business operations using its proprietary technology platform. The collaboration will primarily focus on network planning. Additionally, it will address revenue management aspects. Another key area of attention is yield optimization. The goal is to ensure a seamless travel experience for both passengers and operators.

Environmental Sustainability Commitment

FlixBus will exclusively operate premium bus models. These buses are equipped with BS6 engines, adhering to stringent emission norms. The company strongly advocates for environmental sustainability.

Innovative Safety Measures

FlixBus prioritizes passenger safety with innovative features such as gender seating, a 24×7 incident response team, traffic control wards, and 2-point seat belts for all passengers. Exclusive FlixBus lounges will further elevate the travel experience.

Leaders Express Excitement

Andr√© Schw√§mmlein, CEO of Flix, expressed enthusiasm about expanding FlixBus into India, aligning the company’s mission with India’s pursuit of sustainable, safe, and affordable travel options. Surya Khurana, Managing Director of FlixBus India, emphasized collaboration with local operators for growth and efficiency while championing shared mobility to reduce congestion and emissions.

International Recognition and Support

Ambassador Dr. Philipp Ackermann, representing the Federal Republic of Germany in India & Bhutan, applauded the arrival of FlixBus in India, considering it a significant and promising opportunity. He commended the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation and reducing CO2 emissions, aligning with the Green and Sustainable Development Partnership between the German and Indian Governments.

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