IBM to acquire Advanced’s application modernization capabilities

Recently, IBM, a global technology leader, announced a strategic move. The objective is to enhance its mainframe application and data modernization services. This entails acquiring application modernization capabilities from Advanced, a leading business software provider. The acquisition is designed to bring together a wealth of resources, knowledge, and tools. Consequently, this move solidifies IBM Consulting’s commitment to delivering top-notch services in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology modernization. This is especially crucial in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology modernization.

IBM: Transformation for a Competitive Edge

CEOs are prioritizing technology modernization to accelerate business transformation and gain a competitive edge. A recent IBM survey revealed that 67% of executives recognize the need for swift organizational transformation to stay ahead in the competitive market. Furthermore, 68% of leaders emphasized the pivotal role of mainframe systems in their hybrid cloud strategy.

Strategic Synergy for Comprehensive Solutions

Advanced provides a comprehensive range of mainframe application modernization services. This encompasses assessment and design, as well as mainframe transformation and integration, along with deployment. With proven expertise, the company excels in supporting enterprises across various sectors. Notably, these sectors include financial services, insurance, travel and transportation, automotive, government, and media.

Empowering Watsonx Code Assistant for Z

IBM’s acquisition aims to bolster its capabilities in supporting enterprises’ mainframe application modernization journeys. The integration of Advanced’s services with IBM Watsonx Code Assistant for Z will pave the way for delivering comprehensive mainframe application modernization options spanning hardware, software, and services.

Enhancing the Developer Lifecycle

The acquired capabilities, along with Watsonx Code Assistant for Z, will enhance the end-to-end application developer lifecycle. This includes critical aspects such as application discovery and analysis, code refactoring, and code conversion, ensuring seamless integration of applications with an enterprise’s hybrid cloud architecture.

IBM tries to meet Demands for Rapid Transformation

In the dynamic landscape of evolving technology, IBM acknowledges the pressing need for enterprises to transform rapidly. This strategic move strategically places IBM Consulting at the forefront. It positions the company to meet the demands of organizations seeking effective mainframe application modernization solutions. The acquisition from Advanced serves as a testament to IBM’s unwavering commitment. It affirms the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge services that align seamlessly with the dynamic needs of the modern business landscape.

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